HQ makeover

HQ makeover

Because of these crazy times, we decided to treat ourselves with a little HQ makeover: hello new colors and new furniture! And yes, as you may have noticed, we're VERY excited about this.

In 2019 we moved into this new magical place, which is still a dream to us. Last year we did a big rebranding and designed a new website, so we felt like our office also could use a little update to make it look even nicer. You may have already spotted some sneak peeks on our socials.

SPOILER: our famous pink wall isn't pink anymore.

Furniture by Sofacompany

Our HQ must be the place where all the magic happens and where collections come to life, so it must stay inspiring all the time. That's why Sofacompany helped us out to find the perfect furniture to make that happen!

It all started with these fabric and color samples:

And now we're here. 😏

WE LOVE THIS. A big thanks to Sofacompany for making this happen.

What do you think?