Dainty earrings

Dainty earrings

It's not to our surprise that dainty earrings are once again trending. They're not only a classic style, but they pair perfectly with the minimalist jewelry trend too. By its very essence, dainty jewelry goes with everything, won't clash with even the most complicated outfits, and never fails to make an impression. Though small in size, these delicate accessories make just as much of a style statement personal to you. In every collection, we choose to include tiny studs in all shapes and sizes specifically designed for building your very own ear stack. What an easy way to jump on the bandwagon of dainty jewelry! Give your statement hoop earrings a break and invest in a pair (or single ) of dainty earrings.

Layering dainty earrings

A little introduction to layering and the art of the ear stack. Layering is the term describing the art of using multiple jewelry pieces to create a coherent look. This involves combining a number of ear studs, mixing metals and designs with each other to create a striking layered composition resulting in an effortlessly unique look and feel. This flexibility of stackable jewelry makes it such an amazing and everlasting trend, since one piece can be paired with several others to create ever-changing, unique looks. The best part? With this trend, there really are no limits.

How to style dainty earrings into an epic earparty

Let's start off by saying - yet again - there are no rules when it comes to wearing jewelry. It's perfectly fine to try out different looks and mix and match your metal designs, striking effect guaranteed! There's no danger in mixing materials or even different stones or designs. It might add a lovely contrast or focal point to your earparty. You can also keep it minimal and go for an earful of sparkly studs, or mix in some small huggie hoops to add some contrast. Confused about which style of earrings to pick? Enter our Earspiration page where ear stacking is made simple! Consider it a shortcut to creating an earring stack from scratch. Discover our easy-to-style and ready-to-shop earring looks, containing a combination of studs and huggie hoop earrings, with styles carefully handpicked and weekly updated by our in house stylists and creatives to create the perfectly curated ear.

Minimal dainty jewelry

Eline Rosina designs and supplies beautiful gold plated and sterling silver jewelry in dainty and minimal styles. Each piece is designed in house, all designed to mix and match , so you can create a look that's uniquely you. Our variety of earrings ranges from studs, huggies, hoops and threaders, all made of high-quality materials. Affordable luxury, durable for everyday wear. To make that sparkly shine last, it's good to follow some care tips & tricks. We've listed these in a Material & Care guide. Hopefully you're all set now to make a subdued but stylish statement, by stacking your earrings and combining jewelry pieces to craft a look that is completely unique to you! We love to see the dainty earring look you've come up with. So please share it with us by posting on Instagram . Make sure to tag us for a chance to get featured on Eline Rosina official!