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SALE 20%Figaro Chain BraceletFigaro Chain Bracelet
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Figaro Chain Bracelet Sale price€143,00 Regular price€179,00
14k Yellow Gold
PRE-ORDER (EARLY AUGUST)SALE 20%Herringbone Chain BraceletHerringbone Chain Bracelet
SALE 20%
Herringbone Chain Bracelet Sale price€215,00 Regular price€269,00
14k Yellow Gold
SALE 30%Figaro SetFigaro Set
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Figaro Set Sale price€320,00 Regular price€458,00
14k Yellow Gold
Sold outSALE 30%Essential Bracelet SetEssential Bracelet Set
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Essential Bracelet Set Sale price€292,00 Regular price€418,00
14k Yellow Gold
Sold outSALE 20%Twisted Chain BraceletTwisted Chain Bracelet
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Twisted Chain Bracelet Sale price€191,00 Regular price€239,00
14k Yellow Gold
Sold outSALE 20%Dotted Chain BraceletDotted Chain Bracelet
SALE 20%
Dotted Chain Bracelet Sale price€143,00 Regular price€179,00
14k Yellow Gold

Would you like to expand your bracelets stash with some new trendy pieces? Eline Rosina offers a collection of bracelets of the best quality and adds that extra sparkle to your arm party. On this page you will find our collection of bracelets, from chunky bracelets and fine bracelets to bracelets gold and bracelets silver. Whatever you like, Eline Rosina has it all!


Bracelets for women are one of the most-worn jewelry. And once again they are trendier than ever. We certainly can't get enough of them! Bracelets silver by Eline Rosina are made of recycled 925 Sterling Silver, this is the best quality for silver jewelry. Our bracelets in gold are made of Gold Vermeil, this means that the bracelets have a thicker layer of gold coating then for example Gold Plated jewelry. We have chosen these materials to ensure that your jewelry does not discolor and so you can enjoy your jewelry endlessly. Whether you are looking for bracelets gold for a loved one or for yourself,  Eline Rosina is sure to have just the bracelet you’re looking for!

Want to know more about the difference between Gold Vermeil and Gold plated? Take a look at our blog "Gold Vermeil VS Gold plated jewelry, what exactly is the difference?".


Because bangles are relatively stable, they are less likely to get tangled up with other bracelets while wearing them. If you take a bangle as your base, you can mix and match your bracelet jewelry however you like. Whether you wear just a few bracelets or many at once, the styling is up to you. The only important thing is not to combine too many different colors or patterns with each other, as this can quickly make it too busy.

Combining different plain bracelets with each other is a great way to wear a lot of bracelets without making it look too busy. If stacking larger statement bracelets seems a bit too much for you, you can also take a look at our more delicate bracelets.


At Eline Rosina you have a choice between both gold bracelets and silver bracelets. Are you having a hard time choosing between these two beautiful colors, no worries. It is also really nice to mix and match gold bracelets and silver bracelets. Eline Rosina has bracelets in different shapes and sizes, something for everyone. Shop the finest quality bracelets for every occasion at Eline Rosina.


Our gold bracelets come in different shapes and sizes and are great to combine with gold studs, gold hoops and gold necklaces. Eline Rosina's Gold Vermeil jewelry has an 18k gold layer on top of a 925 Sterling Silver base, a high quality precious metal. Made to resist discoloration. 

In order to be considered gold vermeil jewelry, the base metal of a piece of jewelry must be sterling silver and the gold layer has to be 2.5 micron. The thickness of this layer (measured in micron) varies from 0.25 - 1 micron for gold plated sterling silver to 2.5 micron for gold vermeil. The thicker the layer of gold, the longer the piece of jewelry will last. Simply put, the thicker the gold layer, the longer the item will last.


Other than gold bracelets, Eline Rosina also offers bracelets in silver. These silver bracelets are great to combine with other silver jewelry from Eline Rosina. By combining these bracelets with other jewelry pieces, beautiful looks can be created. A silver stack to keep you shining, is what we like to say. 

The silver jewelry from Eline Rosina is made of 925 sterling silver. This is a top quality precious metal. We recommend taking off all our jewelry while showering, exercising and sleeping. This way the quality of the jewelry remains the most beautiful! 

Want to know more about how to care for your jewelry? Take a look at our Materials & Care page and learn how to make your jewelry last the longest.


At Eline Rosina Jewelry you will find the best quality bracelets silver and gold. Did you know you can always return your bracelet within 2 weeks? Within the Netherlands you also benefit from free shipping over €50. Order before 15:00 and your order will be shipped today. Spice up your hand jewelry and order your women's bracelet today!