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Article: Caring for jewelry

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Caring for jewelry

Nothing makes our hearts beat faster than brand new, shiny and sparkling jewelery and of course you want to enjoy it for as long as possible. We often receive the following question with ''Is cleaning silver jewelery with a cloth enough?''. It is certainly important, but there are even more factors that influence your jewelry. In this blog we explain how to take care of your jewelry and how to polish it so that you can enjoy it for as long as possible.

Sterling Silver and Gold Plated

All Eline Rosina jewelry is made of 925 sterling silver , a strong material of high quality. Our gold-colored jewelry has a base of 925 sterling silver with an 18K gold plating on top. The layer of gilded gold is extra protected by a special E-coating. Both sterling silver and gold plated jewelry can fade in color over time through normal use. How quickly this happens depends on several factors:

  • Prolonged exposure to oxygen can lead to oxidation, which ultimately causes jewelry to look dull / black
  • Contact with water, moisture, perfume, oil, cosmetics and chemical products such as cleaning agents can affect the material and eventually lead to discoloration.
  • The acidity of the skin, which differs per person (and is influenced by, among other things, diet, alcohol consumption, medication use and perspiration), can affect the material, causing the jewelry to disColor.

Care for small earrings

Some Eline Rosina earrings are delicate and/or small in size. This sometimes makes them difficult to close, but with a little practice you will master it in no time and you will also prevent damaging your jewelry. To close hoops without a stud, we recommend that you put the ring through your ear hole from back to front, so that you close them at the front and can see what you are doing in the mirror. With small hoops (such as the Tiny hoops ) it sometimes helps to hold the ring with tweezers and close it with the other hand. In any case, never bend your earrings/ear cuffs! This way they can deform, making it more difficult to close them and you run the risk of losing them.

Taking care of 14k gold ring

These beauties surely are an investment for life! The Rock Solid Collection consists of eleven rings made of the highest quality 14k solid gold material, also known as solid gold. This material will not oxidize or discolor under normal use. Just like with your other jewelry, it is important to give your gold ring some love now and then. The following points serve as a guideline when taking care of your 14k gold ring:
  • Start with your daily care before you start wearing your gold ring. Putting in your jewelry should be the final step of your getting ready ritual !
  • Use the Eline Rosina ring box to store your rings when you go to sleep/exercise/cleaning. This prevents a lot of pressure on the ring or that you damage the ring. In addition, it is a shame not to use this beautiful box anymore! ;-)
  • Do not wear your gold ring when you go to the sauna or swimming pool for a day. The water and heat can make you lose your ring faster.
  • A big don't! Never clean your gold ring with tissues or paper towels. These contain small wood fibers that can damage the gold. Using a hard toothbrush can also damage your ring. Use a polishing cloth to make your ring extra shiny :)
You can always send us a DM or an email if you have any questions about your ring. Also take a look at our Materials & Care page for more information.

Important tips to keep your jewelry beautiful

To enjoy your jewelery for as long as possible, we recommend handling it with care and observing the following points:

  • Keep jewelry sealed from oxygen in a jewelry box
  • Regularly clean your gold plated/silver jewelry with a jewelry polishing cloth
  • Do not shower/swim/exercise/sleep with jewelry
  • Avoid contact with creams, perfume and other cosmetics and chemical products
  • Never bend earrings/ear cuffs when putting them in and out!

    Do you have questions about your purchase or about the quality of our products? Take a look at frequently asked questions or email our Customer Service at

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