How to layer your necklaces

How to layer your necklaces

The festival season has started and that means it's time to conjure up your most beautiful jewelry. The perfect layering is a must this year, a layer necklace should no longer be missing in your collection.

Multiple chains in one look

To put together the perfect combination, you first need several chains , preferably in different sizes. By using different lengths you can vary and play with your look. Everything is basically possible, because especially during the festival season it can't be chunky or over the top enough!

Tips for the perfect necklace party

As we said, anything is possible, but with these tips you have a steady base to expand your necklace party!
  • Add 1 or 2 eye-catchers, take a look at our statement pieces
  • You can never add enough basics, with basic necklaces you can always upgrade your necklace party!
  • Make sure there is a balance between the different lengths to avoid chaos
  • Combine! You can also combine gold and silver in one look

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