Gouden Ketting

Golden chain

A gold chain gives your outfit that little bit more meaning or maybe that finishing touch you've been looking for. Gold chains come in many different shapes and sizes. From a twisted rope necklace that makes a statement to, for example, the subtle and classic flat snake chain . Just between nose and lips: this flat snake chain is also ideal to use as a basis for a full neck stack or can be worn very chic when worn separately. Thank me later.

Real gold chains

As you may already know, or not yet, all our gold jewelry is made of 925 sterling silver and the gold plated jewelry is topped with an 18k gold plating. The gold plated jewelery and therefore also the gold necklaces from Eline Rosina all have a base of 925 sterling silver. This is a high quality precious metal. The silver base is, as it were, dipped in a bath of gold. This creates a shiny layer of real gold with a beautiful shiny finish. In addition, the gold-colored earrings and necklaces from the collection have a protective E-coating. This keeps the quality of that jewelry even longer. Eline Rosina originally started selling earrings exclusively. But now we are already 5 years further and we also sell chains; gold chains and silver chains.

Layer the gold

But that's not all. We are totally fans of layering. By that we mean wearing several necklaces together. You can then combine it with gold chains. How to layer? Start with a basic gold chain that is a bit shorter than any other gold chain you want to wear. Consider, for example, the Tiny dots necklace . Or, super fun for a summer look, the Short Freshwater Pearl necklace in gold plated sterling silver . From here you look for 2 or 3 longer necklaces with, for example, a pendant.

Above you can see some inspiration to combine your gold necklace with other necklaces. Show us how you combine or match your favorite gold chain with your look via our Instagram . And who knows, we might see you on our Story on Monday during the Spotted This Week.