3 redenen om te kiezen voor een ear cuff

3 reasons to choose an ear cuff

Ear cuffs have been very popular for a long time. We don't think that's surprising, because this ear jewelry is not only super fun to wear with your other jewelry, but also has advantages! Wondering why you should choose to wear an earcuff today ? We tell you all about it!

No additional piercing required

Do you want to add more earrings to your earparty, but are you not a fan of the piercer? Then an ear cuff is the perfect solution for you! By wearing an ear cuff you create a look that resembles piercings without having to have extra holes shot.

An ear cuff is an ear piece that you clamp around your ear. Wearing earrings without holes can make you think back in the day. There was a time when a lot of clip earrings were worn. However, in most cases they were worn on the earlobe and you wear an ear cuff on your ear.

Ear cuffs: Easy to wear

Wearing an ear cuff is super simple and works as follows: you slide the ear cuff down over the narrowest part of your ear, until you reach the part of your ear where the cuff hangs. So you can upgrade your earparty in no time. This way you can also give your look an extra touch on the early morning on your way to work without making much effort.

Note: You cannot open or squeeze the ear cuff when putting it in and out. If you do, there is a chance that the ear cuff will break.

The finishing touches

Besides the fact that an ear cuff is very easy to wear and you don't have to have an extra piercing done for it, it is also a very stylish addition to your jewelry collection. An ear cuff is the finishing touch of every ear party. Within our range you will find different types and sizes of ear cuffs. It does not matter whether your team is gold or silver, because we have ear cuffs gold and ear cuffs silver in different styles. You can choose between small and large ear cuffs, but also helix ear cuffs.

In addition, we not only have smooth ear cuffs, but also ear cuffs with zirconia stones. The ear cuffs with zirconia stones are also available in multiple colors. Looking for a bold look? Go for a layer-up with your cuffs! Place multiple cuffs on top of each other & combine them! In other words, you can add this earring to any look!