Eline Rosina

Time to celebrate – Eline Rosina is 8 years old!

Today on February 13, 2013 Eline Rosina exists 8 years, time to celebrate! 8 years ago, founder Hanna decided to turn her life around and chase her dream. Now, 8 years later, this dream has become reality and Eline Rosina has blossomed into a brand with a wonderful community. This would never have been possible without you and that's why we celebrate this day with 3 discount promotions during 24 hours.

Our treat

Whoever has his birthday treats and that's why we have special discount promotions today:

  • Stack discount, with an expenditure of € 0-50 you get a 10% discount. An expenditure of €50-100 provides a 15% discount. Do you treat yourself with an expense of € 100 or more? Then you get a 20% discount.
  • Golden tickets, we raffle no fewer than 5 golden tickets among the orders of the day with a gift voucher worth €100.
  • Giveaway, on Instagram we raffle .. shopping credit among our followers. Go check it out!

Hannah Pranger

8 years of celebrating the bold

The idea of founding Eline Rosina began during law school in America, where Hanna befriended Lisa Rosina; an eccentric person who, in her own way, made the most of life. Lisa inspired Hanna to choose her own happiness; by choosing what she truly loved. Eventually, Hanna left the legal world behind and founded her own company. It was the beginning of working on her dream every day: Eline Rosina. And that’s exactly what our organization stands for: the choice to set the terms of your own happiness. Eline Rosina believes that you can get everything out of your life if you choose to do what you truly enjoy every day.

Make the most of every day by choosing to do what you love.