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Article: Piercing conch

Piercing conch

Piercing conch

The conch piercing , perhaps one of the most popular piercings today. Also a favorite among ear cuff lovers! The nice thing about this piercing is that it can be worn in different ways and places. Curious about all the ins and outs about the conch piercing? It's all in this blog!

Where to get a piercing?

There are two different conch piercings: inner and outer conch. The inner conch piercing is in the inner part of your ear and the outer conch piercing is in the outer, flat part of your ear. This can be confused with the helix piercing, which sits against the curled edge, the helix of your ear. The piercing conch is therefore close to that, but is not the same.

What types of piercings are suitable for piercing conch?

The inner and outer piercing conch can hold a hoop (ring), but also a stud (bar). Smooth subtle rings are often chosen that you can leave on for a longer period of time and always stay beautiful. In addition, the piercing conch rings with diamonds are also very popular. If you choose a lot for your piercing conch, go for the 10mm or 12mm size.

piercing conch

How to unscrew piercing?

The stud piercing is also often used for piercing conch thanks to the flat back. This ensures that it is comfortable to wear, especially while sleeping. Another advantage of the flat back is that tightening and loosening the piercing is much easier. You can turn the earring (which you see) on the back at the front. That way you can also do it yourself!

How to clean piercing?

The piercing conch is a cartilage piercing and therefore has a longer healing period. This is because the blood flow is better in another (softer) part. You therefore often have to take into account a healing period of 6 to 9 months. As an aftercare, choose a (warm) saline solution for your piercing conch. You can also opt for a mild piercing soap. You can find these types of products best at piercing webshops. It is important to clean the piercing conch at least once a day.

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