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Is silver the new gold?

In recent years, gold jewelry has been the public favorite. But our golden favorite is getting competition! Namely from… Silver! Going back to silver earrings is an exciting step. That is why we have listed a number of styling tips for you in this blog with which you can perfectly combine your silver jewelry!

Where everyone chooses gold, choose silver.

Ready, set, SILVER! Sterling silver jewelry is the biggest comeback of 2022 and we are a fan. Go for a bold silver ear party & create a full neck stack with beautiful silver statement necklaces. With this trend it's all possible! Pro tip: Do you have blue or green eyes and light hair? Lucky you! Silver jewelry looks best on you, because you have a light undertone.

Mix silver with gold jewelry

We get it, going to full silver is a big step. Don't worry! You don't have to completely ignore your gold earrings. Combine your golden favorites with your 925 sterling silver earrings for an edgy earparty and don't be afraid to go for the "Mixed metals" trend. Mixed metals is a movement in which gold and silver jewelery are combined. With these styling tips you can combine gold and silver jewelry like a pro:

  1. Play with sizes and materials. For example, combine a smooth Classic hoop with the Hammered hoops for a playful effect.
  2. Do you want to go for the perfect balance? Wear the different materials in an odd ratio of each other. So, for example, 1/3 of your jewelry in gold and 2/3 in silver, or vice versa. Just the way you like it!
  3. Focus your ear party on one item and add hoops and huggies for the right balance.

Best of both worlds, right? Enough ways to add your silver jewelry back into your ear party! View the entire collection of silver earrings and necklaces here.