Ear party

The term “earparty” has evolved a lot lately. Mix and match freely so that you can turn every ear into a party. Having multiple holes shot or pierced in the ear is completely hot. The more the better. That is of course good news because we like full and a lot. An ear full of gold pendants or a subtle look with sparkly silver studs ? Every earparty is different and they are all equally unique.

Putting together your perfect earparty

Spring has sprung and that means the sun is shining and the trees are blooming again. For most people, that also means spending the day in a good and cheerful mood. Of course we are only too happy to see this reflected in your look. You can of course complete a nice pair of jeans with a colorful top with nothing but colorful earrings. Take a look at the Over The Rainbow hoops, for example. Combine these and you get a cool earparty like below.

Always make sure there is balance in the collection of earrings you want to wear. The earrings come out best when you pay attention to the order. For example, you can create a subtle classy look by arranging hoops from large to small, as shown below. Give a finishing touch to your ear party by adding an ear cuff or a pave ear cuff .

Black zirconia ear party

Eline Rosina has a lot of jewelry inlaid with zirconia stones, in all colors of the rainbow. A zirconia stone is an artificial stone that looks very much like a diamond. That is because the zirconia stone has a similar shine to a diamond. In addition, a zirconia stone is also very resistant to scratches. Where a diamond scores a 10 on hardness, the cubic zirconia scores an 8.5. So he can really take a beating. Black never goes out of style, so it's timeless. Our black zirconia earrings from our Atelier Collection are also totally hot. An ear with gold plated earrings inlaid with black zirconia stones gives your look just a little bit of that edgy edge.

Or just a silver earparty with black zirconia stones to make that shiny look come out perfectly as below. Combine statement earrings with thinner hoops and let your earparty speak!

Are you curious about even more cool ear parties? On our website there is a page with all kinds of earspirations . Take a look here and get some inspiration for your own unique earparty!