Pavé earrings

Pavé earrings

A little glitter goes a long way! And to be fair, we actually love a LOT of glitter! If you ask us, a flash of sparkle with elegant gemstones is always a smart choice. Curious to know what pavé is, why it is such a major trend and the reason it is here to stay? In this blog we tell you all about this glittery goodness!

What are pave earrings

Let's start off by explaining more about those amazing glitter earrings. They get their glitter because of the pavé technique used. Pavé (pronounced “pah-vey”) is a kind of stone setting that consists of a lot of small gemstones set closely together, attached to the jewelry by droplets of metal. As a result, the surface of the piece with such a setting looks like it has been encrusted with diamonds or other stones. It adds an extra glam factor to our hoops , ear cuffs and studs. The name is derived from the French word meaning “pavement”. The reason that this setting is called pavé is because the stones are “paved” onto the surface of the metal, such as gravel is paved on the street. Up close, a pave setting covers the surface of jewelry much like cobblestones on a cute Parisien alley. This jewelry setting gives the illusion of a continuous surface of gems. This style has literally brought bling back to the streets!

How to style pave earrings

Going all out with a sparkle overload or loving a subtle sparkle? Both shimmery options can be found at Eline Rosina. If studs or daintier ear candy is more your style, at first it may seem tricky to get out of your comfort zone but you'll probably be surprised once you give these pave gems a whirl. They work just as well with a demure - but oh so stylish - black turtleneck as with a sparkly, celebratory top. A pretty pair of pave hoops is impossible to miss. Its effect is subtle and delicate, adding a special sparkling brilliance to your look. Our glitter pave items are perfect to accompany your minimalist Scandinavian outfit, but are a statement in itself and therefore excellent in statement making ensembles. We say: pave all the way!

Glitter earrings

To make things easier, sometimes we just like to refer to pave earrings as glitter earrings as these sums them up quite well! If you consider an earring enthusiast, a pair of these should not be missing in your jewelry collection! The good news is, these pieces of pavé are available in many different styles. So no matter your style and taste, you will find the earrings that add that glamorous glittering effect you are seeking!

Besides pavé earrings, we have all kinds of other glitter jewelry. Are you seeking some sparkle other than the pavé style? Take a look at our collection of shimmery single pieces , bling-bling dangles , or why not try our colorful gemstone earrings or make a statement with our statement pieces . Whatever you choose, get ready to shine!

All that sparkles: shimmery earspiration

Are you looking to add some extra glitz to your ensembles? Enter jewellery, the instant way to get your sparkle on. Not sure what to choose, or new to the glitter trend? Or just curious for some inspiration? Check out our earspiration or our Insta . Our jewelry will add the sparkle that you undeniably need. Happy shiny shopping!