Our most ICONic pieces

Our most ICONic pieces

For those of you who haven't noticed yet, Icon hoops are our all-time favorites. These bestsellers have been in our collection for a while and they are here to stay! All the more reason to add these statement pieces to your collection. And did you know you can wear them in different ways? Curious how you can style your Icons? Take a moment and read along!

Styling tips for Icon hoops

Icon hoops are real statement pieces in their own right, so you can wear them alone. Of course we like to combine different earrings with each other to create the perfect earparty. We have listed various styling options for you - whether you go for plain or sparkly, large or small.

Do you have a few Large icon pavé hoops at home? Turn them over! Because this hoop has a smooth and sparkly side, you can choose which look you go for every day.

Do you want to try even more variations? Then go for a mixed metal look. This is an upcoming trend and we love it! The Icon hoops are available in both colors that can be perfectly combined.

Whether you go for plain, sparkly, one earring or three. One thing is for sure: the options are endless! Do you want to share your iconic look with us? We'd love to see you style our Icons! Tag @elinerosinajewelry on Instagram and who knows, you might see your earparty in our stories.