The launch of Indian Summer'19

The launch of Indian Summer'19

On Monday, September 9 it was finally time to launch the Indian Summer collection! This Fall 19 collection is inspired by Indian Summer in New York City, when the last summer days are turning into the first days of fall and the streets and parks are covered with fall colors. And who fits better with this campaign than New York citizen, Claire Rose Cliteur ? This year she is the face of our fall collection again and the results has become so cool! Scroll through the lookbook for Claire in warm fall colors during the last sunny days in Manhattan.

Statement earrings

Our Indian Summer collection consists of different designs including bees, butterflies and freshwater pearls with a romantic L'amour touch. Items that go with it include the bee necklace, butterfly earrings and butterfly hoops. Great to combine with large statement earrings like the hexagon earrings.

Fresh water pearls

Pearls are old-fashioned or too fancy? Oh no, not anymore! These all-time classics are back and this time they are here for everyone who is not afraid to make a statement. These earrings with pearls can be perfectly combined with an edgy outfit, such as a leather jacket or an oversized sweater with graphics. Are you more into basics? Then combine these earrings with pearls with your favorite knitwear. Feeling a bit extra? We got you. Add the latest Atelier Collection Dangles with pearls to your eaparty with zirconia earrings or layer this pearl necklace with your other favorite Eline Rosina necklaces. All pearls used in the Eline Rosina Jewelry are real freshwater pearls and therefore natural products. Each pearl is unique and may be different in color and shape from the pearls in the photo.


A completely new item at Eline Rosina is the ear cuff . Simply pull down on the earlobe and slide the cuff along the ear. This makes a visit to the piercer unnecessary! Perfect for women who love a statement earparty, but don't like needles ;) The ear cuff is available with white zirconia stones and makes every earparty complete! The launch of the new collection naturally had to be celebrated. We did this with a matching cake at the office together with our whole team. Look how pretty (and tasty)! Have you seen the entire Indian Summer collection? Shop your favorite fall items here and don't forget to share your new earparty with us by tagging @ elinerosinajewelry in your post!