Pearl jewelry trend

Pearl jewelry trends

Pearls are still going strong. They have for ages! What's new about the pearl trend is the attitude and how you pair it. Here we're sharing styling inspiration to keep your pearls looking fresh and fashion-forward. From creative ways to layer necklaces, the prettiest pearl pairings, and distinctive combinations with pearl necklaces , chunky chain links, delicate gold plated jewelry and colorful gemstones - keep reading for our guide on the prettiest pearls to wear now and how to be a pearl pro !

A treasured gem

Pearls have been worn in jewelry since Ancient Greece. They have always been one of the most treasured gems, mainly for their rarity. Pearls symbolized in many ancient cultures, the moon, the purity, generosity and femininity. Ancient Greeks, for example, once believed pearls were the hardened tears from Aphrodite, the goddess of love. The Ancient Chinese believed pearls would protect the wearer from dragons and fire. But leaving aside all these beautiful symbolisms, these white gems are incredibly flattering, they lighten up any look and go well with all styles. Pearls simply are the perfect gems from the depths of seas and lakes, and they are never really out of fashion. And right now, they're trendier than ever! Let's dive into this trend, shall we?

(the girl with the new) pearl earring

Pearl jam, Vermeer's famous painting, Coco Chanel with her signature pearl necklaces - pearls in any shape or form are forever classics! The pearl trend is far from old fashioned or grandma-like. A delicate pearl necklace or some pearl earrings will add a delicate and timeless sense of glamor to your style, ideal for every occasion. Not only in summer on tan skin, but every day of the year! Our pearl earrings are something no ear should go without.

How to wear pearl jewelry

How to style pearls in a way that feels chic and fresh? When you think of pearls, you might think of a classic style, but we're actually loving pearls for their versatility style-wise. What else pairs so perfectly with everything, from jeans to maxi dresses? You can wear pearls with romantic floral prints, dressed up for work with a shiny satin blouse and a ponytail or as a nice accent to your casual look with jeans. Pearls simply fit every look! One of the most popular takes on the pearl necklace is a delicate seed pearl necklace. For an elevated and feminine spin, start with your favorite version and pair it with one of our delicate chain necklaces like a rope or curb style. Then mix in an array of gold earrings — we love the look of gold hoops with dangling pearls accompanied by more sculptural gold hoops . If you don't have multiple piercings, you can achieve this layered statement look by adding some elegant ear cuffs . Are you in a creative mood? While pearls are beautiful on their own, we love mixing them with other pieces, such as vibrant gemstones, and a mix of metals. Think of the gem as the ultimate neutral that complements all other jewelry, from diamonds to colorful stones. Choose one of the basic hoops and add a freshwater pearl dangle. Classic pearls with a pop of gold look very luxurious, but good news for the silver lovers out there, all our items are available in silver too so you can shine in silver or gold - no matter the metal.

Freshwater pearl jewelry at Eline Rosina

Who runs the world? pearls! These opalescent beauties continue to trend, and we totally understand why! We only choose to use the most high quality materials for our collections, at Eline Rosina we use authentic natural freshwater pearls. These pearls are naturally cultivated in various freshwater lakes and have an ivory white Color. We combine freshwater pearls with 925 sterling silver and gold plated sterling silver. Since pearls are a natural product, they can have a minimal deviation in terms of shape. Perfectly imperfect pearls, organic shapes are more desirable than perfectly round pearls anyway! To keep these beauties shining, it is important to take good care of your pearl jewelry, even if you're not wearing it. You can learn more about that here on the blog and in our care tips .

Pearl necklace and earring collection

We put style at the forefront of each design, so when you choose a piece of our pearl collection you'll surely have a stylish addition to your jewelry collection. Pearl necklaces and earrings are a jewelry staple. Here you've found yourself in exactly the right place for all your go-to jewelry. From sterling silver earrings to statement hoops, to ear cuffs, discover the latest earring trends and treat yourself or a loved one to studs, threaders, pearls and necklaces. Pearls, being the birthstone for June, make a perfect gift for your loved ones who celebrate their birthday that month! We love to see how you style your looks with our pearl jewelry, so pearl girls, please share your look with us on Insta ! Make sure to tag us for a chance to get featured on our account. Looking forward to seeing you there! on Instagram and maybe you spot yourself on our Instagram stories!