Earring or piercing; what's the difference?

earrings or piercing; what's the difference?

Now that several holes in your ears are more popular than ever, there is also a regular confusion about what the exact difference is between a piercing and an earring. In this article it becomes clear what the difference is and some advice about the earrings of Eline Rosina that can be worn as a piercing.

Shooting or piercing an earring?

Everything that is not put into cartilage is popularly called an ordinary earring (ear photo number 1,2,3 and in some ears also number 4). This can also be done by a jeweler and does not represent much (not everyone thinks the same way about that). The moment you want an earring through your cartilage, you will soon have to go to a piercing studio (numbers 5 to 24). Some stores do it too, but that is often not advised because it involves risks.

Suitable Ear Candy

For piercings that have gone through thick cartilage it is better not to use earrings but piercings (numbers 12 to 24). However, in the outer edge of the ear, where the cartilage is thinner, it is often opted to wear normal earrings and not piercings. Namely, there is a much larger choice in earrings than piercings. Therefore, Eline Rosina often advises to use earrings for numbers 1 to 11. The cartilage is not too thick here, so a thicker rod is not necessary. You create your Eline Rosina earparty in the entire outer edge of your ear! To fill that edge, there are of course many different options. At the Earspiration page on the website of Eline Rosina and on the Pinterest page many earparties are shared to get inspiration for both a statement and a minimal earparty!

The difference between earrings and piercings

The main difference is that earrings have a thinner bar than piercings. You can choose to put a thinner rod in your pierced hole, but this hole will become a little smaller over time and then it is difficult to put a real piercing in it. So from a piercing to an earring is a go, but from an earring back to a piercing is very hard. There are, of course, always dare devils who still wear a normal earring in for example their tragus piercing, but this is not recommended. Can't get enough of our earspiration? In that case, make sure to follow our Instagram page for daily inspiration, styling videos and for the very first sneek peaks!

Ear cuffs

Not ready for a real piercing yet? Don't worry! For the looks of a piercing, you can also shop some ear cuffs at Eline Rosina! Go for a classic ear cuff with zirconia stones that you can slide down your ear and hang it above your earparty, or go for a pavé helix ear cuff to create a real piercing look. Give your earparty an upgrade!